Students Affairs Deanship

Head of department : Dr. Atif Elsadig Idris Abdelsadig

To make College of Technology pioneer locally, regionally and internationally in the field of technical education and obtain vocational superiority and professional excellence to become an effective source for technical expertise and community service. Mission:
1 To prepare technical frameworks in line with professional requirements within modern technical environment and encouraging initiation and innovation forming momentum to build the capacities needed for sustainable development and filling shortages in the local and regional markets.
2 To provide and diversify updated academic programs and training courses to meet the needs of the community in different disciplines on an ongoing basis.
3 - College is committed to excellent teaching, education and training programs which enable students and graduates to gain knowledge in order to perform efficiently and actively in the community with special attention to application of science to be a model for other educational institutions.
1 To prepare technical frameworks in different specialties. 2 - To contribute effectively to the development and growth of the community.
3 To modernize the study and college programs in the light of global trends and local needs.
4 To prepare the students academically and scientifically.
5 To present and implement courses, training programs and scientific advice to the public and private sectors in coordination with the concerned departments in the university.
6 To provide in-service training to public and private institutions.
7 - To achieve the best possible levels of interaction between the university and the community. Values:
- Honesty.
- Technical distinction.
- Quality of work.
- Acting in accordance to the ethic of the profession.

Academic Programs: