Training and Continuous Studies Department

Head of department : Dr.amna ahmed mohmmed makhter

The Department of Training and Continuous Studies provides excellent training courses in an economical way in the fields of engineering, humanitarian, business basic and applied sciences. It also provides the trainees with the knowledge and professional skills, technical and behavioral help to promote performance and keep developing with the times. The Department serves the community through the design and implementation of specialized courses as well. The department works as a link between the students and the Institution to integrate the theoretical and practical frameworks for the Students Objectives of the Department: 1 - Development of human resources through the necessary training in order to support the developmental efforts with trained and qualified workforce.
2 - Training the technicians of the Sudan University of Science and Technology.
3 - Providing training programs for fresh graduates to sharpen up their skills and knowledge.
4 Supervising of students scientific journeys in various sections internally and externally.
5 Holding workshops and conduct research to address some issues of concern to the community.
6 - Contributing to meet the needs of the State and the labor market for qualified professional, expand educational opportunities, and reduce wastage in university education for those who have not been able to continue their university studies.
7 Contributing to train students in institutions of public and private sectors to prepare them to join the labor market and creates good relationship with these institutions and seek to establish Stakeholders council.
8 - Linking the university to all groups and sectors of the community by providing many activities that suit the needs of society which aim at developing of functional and behavioral capabilities of its members.
There is one Section in the Department which is Section of human development.

Academic Programs: