Engineering Studies Department

Head of department : Eltayeb AbdurRhman Hamed Adam

This department includes the following sections: Firstly, section of electricity, electronics, medical radiation and medical equipments It offers diploma of three years in the following:
- electricity - telecommunications
- computer
- medical equipments
Secondly: section of mechanic, petroleum, aviation and industries.
These departments offers diploma in the following:
- Mechanic (productions, cars, maintenance, cooling and refrigeration) - Petroleum
- Aviations (aviation mechanic, electronic maintenance) - Industries (plastic engineering, textile engineering, talling engineering)
Thirdly: section of civil engineering architecture survey and environment: this section offers the following diploma:
- Civil engineer (construction engineering, buildings, transportations systems, irrigation and water, municipality, environmental engineering). - Architecture (dried)
- Survey well drilling, water
network constructions).

Academic Programs: