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The College dates back to 1950 when it was an affiliating department to the Technical Institute. It was established to give secondary school leavers an opportunity to pursue their education and to give access to vocational education to those who have completed primary education. In 1976, it was promoted into a college. The Collegeís programme is parallel to the existing programmes adopted by other colleges such as business studies and engineering. Now, it has expanded to cover 27 specializations and that the intake jumped to 23571 students in the academic year 2004-2005. In addition to the existing classes, the College has introduced Distance Education Programme and established local and regional centers in the Arab countries such United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. The expansion is complyed with Higher Education Revolution which is prevalent in the country. In 2000, the College was restructured to comprise seven departments: engineering, business, humanities, training and continuing education along with ar administrative department that consists of examinations and timetables and another department responsible for supervising the affiliate centers in Khartoum and other states. In 2002, the duration of study was extended to three years instead of two years.