Dr. Abdelgadir Ahmed Osman Ahmed

In the name of Allah the only Truth and the most Justice; all praises and thanks are due to Him for every profound and perfect blessing that gave us and may His peace and blessing be upon the messenger of Allah, Who sent him as guidance to the all humankind. The social interaction has been, since time immemorial, a key to the advancement of all walks of life and promoted them to the highest step through exchanging advises, covenant, consensus and guidance, however, all these resulted into the emergence of councils of opinion, bodies of wisdom and scholars, and other different names related to intimate human interaction. Nevertheless, Islam was the pioneer in advancing the good values of human interaction and the Holy Quran proofs that. Dear visitors The College of Technology Website works as a gateway for active human interaction where we happily provide the others with news, achievements and facts because we deeply believe in sharing decision-making with others in order to assess, advice and support the progress of the college with a new impetus Distinguished students and visitors, Welcome to our website and we are very happy to get you here to sustain the intellectual interaction that seeks to find a brainstorm to meet the requirements of the current stage of the political, academic and social movements in the country. Let's open a window on the future, stretch white hands for the convergence and warm the cockles of our hearts.