The end of the Eighth Scientific and Cultural Week and the Ninth Technical Engineer Week

The College of Technology concluded, in the western campus, the eighth Scientific and Cultural Week and the ninth Technical Engineer Week under the slogan of (To build home with science, culture and technology). Dr. Abdulkadir Ahmed Othman, Dean of the College, addressed the ceremony stressing that the college is eligible to serve the community because it penetrates, with its programs, into almost all the colleges of the university.

The statement of Minister of Science and Communications Dr. Issa Bashari

May blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, upon his family and upon his companions. I would like to take this occasion to reflect and to offer deep thanks to my brothers at Sudan University of Science and Technology for giving me this valuable opportunity to be among them in the citadels of knowledge, College of Technology. The title “The fifth Technical and Cultural Week” has drawn my attention to the arrangement of the title’s words. The word technical comes before the word cultural so here comes the importance of the technology. However, the technology represents a cornerstone for any progress or development to be achieved by a state. Here, in the College of Technology, we have found what we are seeking after – technological superiority. We are going to foster this innovative mentality of our students in order to enable them to participate efficiently in the economical, scientific and technical progress of our nation.


Dr. Mubarak El Mahal Dean of College of Technology is pleased to present his warmest congratulations to the employees in the college on countrys 56 Independence Day

College of Technology Exams

Professor Gadallah Abdullah Acting Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology expressed his satisfaction with the administrative and technical arrangements to launch first semester exams for the year 2011-2012 in the College of Technology. He inspected the conduct of examinations at the Southern Section on Saturday, 31/12/2011 and praised the great efforts done by the college. In the same context Dr. Mubarak El Mahal, Dean of College of technology showed full readiness to conduct examinations successfully which started on 29/12/2011. It is worth mentioning that the examination of scientific studies, commercial and humanity sections will begin on Sunday, 8/1/2012 AD.

Sudan and India Cooperation in Technology

Dr. Mubarak El Mahal Ahmed Dean of College of Technology stated deep gratitude to the Republic of India for its academic cooperation with Sudan University of Science and Technology and College of Technology in particular. His Excellency Consul General of the Embassy received him. Dr. El Mahal noted that the visit aims at coordinating training course in advanced computer networks to be held in the Republic of India. It is worth mentioning that this course is the second of its kind in this context as it is preceded by a course in MCITB which organized by the Training and Continuous Studies Section in collaboration with the Society of Information Technology in the college and sponsored by the Dean of college. His Excellency Consul General of the Embassy of the Republic of India spoke in his speech about the importance of cooperation with the college hoping to be expanded in the future to include all fields and various academic and scientific programs.