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Sudan and India Cooperation in Technology
Dr. Mubarak El Mahal Ahmed Dean of College of Technology stated deep gratitude to the Republic of India for its academic cooperation with Sudan University of Science and Technology and College of Technology in particular. His Excellency Consul General of the Embassy received him. Dr. El Mahal noted that the visit aims at coordinating training course in advanced computer networks to be held in the Republic of India. It is worth mentioning that this course is the second of its kind in this context as it is preceded by a course in MCITB which organized by the Training and Continuous Studies Section in collaboration with the Society of Information Technology in the college and sponsored by the Dean of college. His Excellency Consul General of the Embassy of the Republic of India spoke in his speech about the importance of cooperation with the college hoping to be expanded in the future to include all fields and various academic and scientific programs.
College of Technology warmly congratulates Professor Hashim Ali Salim for having won the trust and confidence of the president, Omar Albashir and assigned him to Vice Chancellor of the university. The community of the college believes he is ready for such a challenge and he will turn the university into an ever growing institution to reach ultimate prosperity.
Thanks Allah for Safety
Professor Hashim Ali Salim, The Vice Chancellor of the university survived a car accident on Shandi highway on Saturday, February 11, 2012. We beg Allah, the exalted, to bless and cure him
College of technology Honors Petrolines Company
Dr Mubarak El Mahal Dean of College spoke about the importance of having smart partnership between College of Technology and Petrolines Company This statement came during a celebration held by College of Technology in the premises of Petrolines Company to honor it for training students of Department of Petroleum Engineering He pointed out that the training represents a fundamental objective of the University valuing the companys role in such work Dr Mubarak El Mahal called at the conclusion of his address to participate in advanced scientific research Dr Maessara Issa Acting Head of transportation and refining Department noted in his speech to the importance of training courses that support the university curriculum
National Conference on Education
Prof Gadalla Abdalla Elhassan Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Mubarak El Mahal Dean of College of Technology and a considerable number of deans and professors attended the National Conference on Education which came under the slogan (education for future industry) under the auspices of the Presidency The final session attended by Ali Osman Mohamed Taha first Vice President of the Republic who preached the dawn of a new education and said that the future of Sudan is looking forward to high quality education