Change Detection Analysis By Using Ikonos And Quick Bird Imageries


By Eltahir Mohamed Elhad, Nagi Zomraw.


The application of urban satellite using for monitoring of changes specially in rapidly growing metropolitan areas not only sensible but utterly necessary. Arguments in favour of the use of satellite system are certainly the fast and accurate data access, the quick visual interpretation, the good representation on a planar surface and their great integrity of a map after the process of geometrical classification. In this paper we used maximum likelihood classification algorithm to attempt and monitor the land cover change .In this work we considered a test area, the Chenggong city in Yunnan province in the south of China. AquickBirds multi-spectral images taken on May 4, 2004 and Ikonos multi-spectral images taken on April 7, 2002, were used in this work. The two images were orthorectified and a first classification produced a map with 7 strata: water, forest, pasture & grass land, cultivated land, transportation, built up areas and unused land. The over all classification accuracy was 97% and the kappa coefficient was 0.92 (i.e. 0.92 more accurate than a random classification).The overall accuracy of land cover change map ,generated from post classification change detection methods and evaluated using several approaches ,ranged from 80 % to 90%.The results of change detection between two dates images were as follows : transportation has increased from 7.6% to 18.3% with change rate of 57.75 km 2 yr. -1 , pasture & grass land has decreased from 26.3% to 8.9% with change rate of 217.5 km 2 yr. -1 , built up areas has increased from 6.7% to 22.3% with change rate of 156 km 2 yr. -1 , cultivated land has increased from 15.3% to 32.4% with change rate of 128.25 km 2 yr. -1 , forest has decreased from 38.8% to 18.2% with change rate of 309 km 2 yr. -1 , un used land has decreased from 25.7% to 9.5% with change rate of 145.8 km 2 yr. -1 , and water have no changed mentioned. The results quantify the land cover change patterns in the metropolitan or urban areas and demonstrate the potential of multi temporal Quick Birds and Ikonos data to provide an accurate, economic means to map and analyze changes in land cover over time that can be used as inputs to land management and policy decisions. [Journal of American Science 2010;6(2):171-175]. (ISSN: 1545-1003)


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